By Olive Tree dance

Released 2014

By Natural Groove Records

Didgeridoo drum kit and several melodic percussions from classical to african roots style. An acoustic danceable world music album with inspiration on dark progressive trance. Pumping percussive beat!

SYMBOLOGY is the album that states Olive Tree Dance return with the introduction of melodic classic music instruments as well as african, the work that follows the previous DIDJ DANCE ALL BEAUTY album that reached the top 3 portuguese music Chart, in the second week of March 2010 (courtesy of AFP).
About the Cover Design - SYMBOLOGY - "A melodic game inspired on the Galactic Tones of the Mayan Calendar".
The band developed a game, entangled with the vibrations produced for the record, and encapsulated in this magical release. SYMBOLOGY is a cooperative board game played from the CD layout, using the real media as playing position and a full unfolded case as playing board. The game goal is to win time to time. All players play in team against a single opponent, the Board. In the Board there's a Time Matrix that has a determined velocity. Players have to pass several challenges, these represented in the matrix, so that they can play in the number of the 13 rounds of the Galactic Time cycle, before time runs out. This cycle was called by the Mayans as SPEEL WAVE, it was used to organize time in a way each level of the cycle have a focus characteristic that helps to center spirit in a specific purpose. To each level of time period there where thirteen focuses such as PURPOSE, DIRECT, SERVICE, DEFINITION, ACTION, BALANCE, CHANNELING, CONGRUENCE, INTENTION, PERFECTION, LIBERATION, COOPERATION, and as a last step of evolution, TRANSCENDENCE.

Didgeridoo Dance All Beauty!

By Olive Tree dance

Released 2010

By Natural Groove Records

High energy in 100% Organic Dance Music - All music is acoustic and played with ancient instruments like didgeridoo, kryn or djembé. It's world music inspired in the best dance beats created by the machines of our times. adrenaline and crazy tempo!

Appeared as a new musical breath, the Olive Tree Dance is formed by Renato Oliveira (aka Oliver, didgeridoo) and Márcio Pinto (drum kit and percussion). In the central concept of its music there is a constant quest for the roots of ancient instruments combined with an inspiration in the futuristic sounds of the machines of our times.