Playing Symbology

:::: Playing Symbology :

On the board cycle consisting of 13 rounds, according to the 13 levels of creation, all players will play at once, starting by the label of the first tone of your Spell Wave, this year. Everyone plays using the available energy. The cd rotates in one direction inside of labels and portals, which gives them the possibility of obtaining energy or powers that can be used to "Controlling the Time". However, as life is a constant exchange and learning as well as in the game, getting those powers and energy sometimes lead to having to overcome one of 5 types of challenges that generate direct interaction between participants: one Joke, one Rhythm, one Wisdom, a Mime, one Know Who I Am! 
In this synchronometer, level 7 - Canalization - motivates and search efficiency, inspires and creates, and tunes the service and action. At level 8 - Congruence - the action takes shape, ties qualify senses of reverence for life